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Interested in joining a professional trade association that allows you to stay informed of the latest Section 1031 transaction techniques, receive specialized updates and information on IRS rulings, provides opportunities for networking with other Section 1031 professionals at regional and national conferences, and enhances your professional credibility with it's membership? Then consider becoming a Member of the FEA.

The FEA is the only national trade organization formed to represent Qualified Intermediaries, their primary legal/tax advisors and affiliates who are directly involved in Section 1031 Exchanges. With member companies and multiple committees focused on issues of industry concerns, the FEA is the recognized national voice of the industry. Additionally, the FEA established and maintains a certification program allowing exchange facilitators to earn the distinguished Certified Exchange Specialist® (CES®) designation.

The FEA takes an active role in responding to legislative and regulatory actions at both the state and national level. The association has retained a leading Washington, D.C., tax advocate to monitor federal legislative and regulatory proposals. Due to the presence of our tax advocate and through the efforts of Members, the FEA has been able to keep pace with federal developments virtually as they occur. On numerous occasions, the FEA and its Members have successfully presented and advocated taxpayer-friendly positions to the IRS, House Ways and Means Committee, Senate Finance Committee, and the Joint Committee on Taxation in connection with legislative and regulatory proposals.

Additionally, the FEA monitors activities of state legislatures and regulatory agencies through the vigilance of its Members. In several significant instances, the FEA provided commentary and testimony to state legislatures and regulatory agencies that shaped their approach to the licensing and regulation of exchange professionals and influenced state taxation and procedures for exchange transactions. The collective strength of the FEA as an organization provides a clear unified voice as an advocate for the issues affecting the exchange industry.

Since 1997, the FEA has offered its members direct and exclusive access to Fidelity Bonding and Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance programs. Using its joint purchasing power, the FEA has negotiated preferred rates and broad coverage terms from A-rated insurers, specifically tailored to meet the needs of the 1031 industry.

The Fidelity Bond program covers losses due to dishonest or fraudulent activity by insiders. The FEA program allows independent intermediaries to compete more effectively against larger rivals.

The E&O program protects against legal liabilities arising directly from 1031 activities. In today's litigious environment, claims alleging professional negligence, with or without merit, are all too common and all too expensive. FEA member E&O policies will pay any legal bills, settlements, awards and judgments resulting from such a claim. For some FAQ’s about the insurance program click here.

Affiliate Member Benefits

The FEA Membership Committee has assembled a benefits program designed to engage Affiliate Members and deliver the value all of our members expect and deserve. The FEA has committed to providing Affiliate Members with access to our exchange professionals who direct and control billions of dollars of sale proceeds and participate in thousands of real estate and personal property transactions each year. As an Affiliate Member, you will receive: 

  • Intimate knowledge of the exchange accommodator industry, your customer market, unavailable to non-member vendors
  • Enhanced credibility and trust from being an avowed member of our industry community
  • Receipt of the current membership list with contact information (available no sooner than March to allow for full update of information)
  • Your logo and web link on every monthly e-newsletter
  • An in-depth profile (250 words) of one Affiliate Member for each e-newsletter issue
  • Opportunity to publish an approved educational article in our e-newsletter
  • One email blast to all members on your behalf by the FEA
  • Discounted fees to exhibit, network and speak at the FEA’s annual conference
  • Opportunities to offer educational webinars and participate on committees
  • Access to our Board of Directors

We are all in the business of creating opportunities for our companies. Our organization is committed to assisting you maximize opportunities within the FEA community. 

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With so many opportunities to increase your knowledge and expertise, FEA membership is a small investment with unlimited benefits. Visit our Become a Member page to learn more.

If you have any questions about FEA Membership, please contact Lynn Harkin, Executive Director at director@1031.org or 515-244-6515.

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