Fidelity Bonding and E&O Insurance Programs

Since 1997, the FEA has offered its members direct and exclusive access to Fidelity Bonding and Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance programs. Using its joint purchasing power, the FEA has negotiated preferred rates and broad coverage terms from A-rated insurers, specifically tailored to meet the needs of the 1031 industry.

The Fidelity Bond program covers losses due to dishonest or fraudulent activity by insiders. The FEA program allows independent intermediaries to compete more effectively against larger rivals.

The E&O program protects against legal liabilities arising directly from 1031 activities. In today's litigious environment, claims alleging professional negligence, with or without merit, are all too common and all too expensive. FEA member E&O policies will pay any legal bills, settlements, awards and judgments resulting from such a claim. For some FAQ’s about the insurance program click here.

Program Information

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