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FEA Value Proposition

Interested in joining a professional trade association that allows you to stay informed of the latest Section 1031 transaction techniques, receive specialized updates and information on IRS rulings, provides opportunities for networking with other Section 1031 professionals at regional and national conferences, and enhances your professional credibility with it's membership? Then consider becoming a Member of the FEA.

FEA members consistently cite the following 3 key benefits of membership:

  1. Information Resource - the constant flow of information that allows members to keep up to date on tax, regulatory, legislative issues and new developments affecting our industry through the weekly Washington Reports, monthly newsletters, tax updates, Member Alerts, and resources on the Members Only section of the website;

  2. Lobbying Resource - the strength in numbers and ability to spread the cost of high quality lobbyists who keep us informed, provide access to key players in Congress, provide guidance to our Government Affairs Committee, and effectively spread our message that IRC §1031 is a valuable economic stimulant facilitated by an industry comprised of responsible, knowledgeable professionals;

  3. Sense of Community/Enhanced Credibility from being Part of the Industry - the network of colleagues to call upon for assistance, bounce ideas off of, commiserate with, the ability to speak as an entire industry, not as an individual, listing on the FEA website “QI Locator”, committee involvement, and the Certified Exchange Specialist® program.

More Benefits

Which type of membership is right for you?

Affiliate Membership

Available for businesses related to exchange accommodation or that provide services to exchange accommodators or their clients, such as attorneys, accountants, banks, insurance brokers, realtors, triple net lease or tenant-in-common property brokers or sponsors, escrow or title insurance companies, financial planners, etc. Affiliate Members receive access to FEA Members, all communications sent to Full Members, the right to participate in FEA committees and additionally, one seat on the Board of Directors is reserved for an Affiliate Member.

Regular Membership


Available to companies and sole proprietors engaged in the exchange accommodation business as Qualified Intermediaries or Exchange Accommodation Titleholders under IRC §1031. Members are listed in the “Member/QI Locator” section of the FEA website, have access to the “Members Only” section of the FEA website, receive monthly FEA newsletters, including tax updates, and occasional Member Alerts for breaking news affecting the industry that can’t wait for the next newsletter, access to high quality continuing education webinars and the FEA Annual Conference at reduced member pricing, the right to participate on FEA committees, and most importantly, the ability to be heard as a member of the industry. 

Membership Requirements and Code of Ethics sample required for  membership application.