Website FAQs


How do I login?

If you’re affiliated with a FEA member company, you already have an FEA website account.  Your login is your e-mail address and your password is your ID number followed by a zero (0).  (If you have an existing account, please DO NOT create a new account.)  

Click on “Sign In” at the top of the page and enter your Username and Password on the Sign In screen.  Check the “Remember me on this computer” checkbox for ease of use to keep you signed in between web sessions.

If you’ve forgotten your username and password, click on “Sign In” at the top of any webpage.  On the Sign In screen, click “Forgot my password” or “my username” to reset your password or have your username e-mailed to you.  Please note: an e-mail will be sent from to the email address we have in your contact record.  (If you do not receive an e-mail, please check your Junk Mail filter or contact FEA Headquarters, / 515-244-6515.)

If you’re not affiliated with an FEA member company, click “Create a new account” to create a website account.  This will give you access to member profiles under “Find a Professional” and more.

How do I know when I’m signed in?

Once you sign in, you will be re-directed to your Member Homepage and you will stay logged in unless you log out.  (Please consider checking the “Remember me on this computer” checkbox to keep you signed in, between web sessions.)  You can also tell you’re signed in by looking at the top of any web page where you’ll see a green “Sign Out” box with your name beside it.

What are some of the features on this new website?

The FEA website is now linked directly to the member database.  This means members have real-time access to their individual information, including event registrations.
  1. Key contacts for member companies can renew the company membership online. 
  2. CES® designees will be able to renew their designation at renewal time later in the year.
  3. Key contacts for member companies can edit their company profile, add/change additional company contacts and add/edit branch locations.
  4. Individuals can edit their contact profile and the information will immediately update on the website.
  5. Members and non-members can register for FEA events.
  6. FEA has three entry portals – one for members, one for the public and one for industry professionals with corresponding content/information.
  7. The Calendar of Events is in both a calendar and list format and viewable by clicking on the date/subject.

How does a potential customer find our company/me?

The general public can click on a navigation tab called “Find a Professional” and has the option to search by state, company name (or partial name), and/or specialty.  FEA member companies, key contacts and branches will appear in search results.  (Additional contacts are not included in the search results.)

What is a Company Profile versus an Individual Profile?

A public Company Profile is viewable by anyone signed into the website.  Only the Company Key contact can edit information such as organization details, branches, additional contacts, etc. in the Company Profile and has the ability to pay company dues to renew company membership.  

The public Individual Profile is viewable by anyone signed into the website.  It’s editable by the individual member or key contact.  They can edit their contact information, change login/password, renew their CES® certification, review their activities, and see any meeting registrations.  Members can also view what the public will see on the public profile in the member directory.

How do I edit my Individual Profile?

First sign in to your website account, then click on your name at the top of the page and your full account page will display.  Click the pencil by any of the editable sections to edit your information. 

I am the Key Contact for my company, how do I edit my Company Profile?

First sign in to the website.  Click your Company Name hyperlink on the left side of your Member Home Page and the Company profile will display. Click the pencil by any of the editable areas to edit your company information.

How do I upload a photograph to my profile?

On your Individual Profile page, click the pencil near the camera on the left side of the page.  The photo cannot exceed 1 MB.  NOTE:  Photos reside only on the website.  FEA will not use the photo for any other purpose without permission.


What is my FEA member type?

CK = Company contact is the person designated by the company as the key contact.
AC = Additional contact is the people within the company that are designated as additional access to the website.  Additional contacts will not be listed in the Membership Directory.
BR = Branch is the additional company locations that the company has paid to list in the Membership Directory.  
* You cannot change your member type.

Can I register for FEA events now?

If you are looking to register for one of the FEA Regional meetings, you can click on the calendar of events and the new website will re-direct you to the CES® website where registrations are currently being taken.  The FEA Annual Conference registration will be the first event open for registration on the new website.

What if I get ‘locked out’?

Getting the ‘locked out’ message means more than three failed attempts have been made to try to sign in with incorrect information.  You will need to contact or to re-set the login/password.

Can I link my E-mail signature or our company’s website to the new website?

Of course!  The URL remains the same:

Does FEA have a social media presence?

Yes!  You can get to FEA’s LinkedIn page and Facebook page by clicking the icons at the very top or in the footer on any of the website pages.

Internet Explorer 11 users: 

Is the top website navigation appearing on the right side of the page instead of across the top?

This is a known issue in the Internet Explorer, ver. 11 browser.  To make the navigation appear as it was intended, in your IE11 browser: Go to Tools > "Compatibility View settings" and un-check both the "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View" and "Use Microsoft compatibility lists" check boxes.  Close the dialog box and re-load your webpage.