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FEA Announces New Website for §1031 Repeal Debate


Http://www.1031taxreform.com is a central place to be informed, participate, and advocate for the §1031 industry relating to tax reform and proposed repeal.

The FEA is proud to announce a new online resource for QIs and all those concerned about the implications of tax reform and proposed repeal legislation on §1031 exchanges.


Please visit the new website at http://www.1031taxreform.com  where you will find information about the legislative proposals that severely limit or call for the outright repeal of IRC §1031 and like-kind exchanges.


The website also offers a central location to educate and advocate for the §1031 industry regarding the legislative and Administration proposals.


Contact your lawmakers through the website, voice your opposition to the proposals, and let them know how §1031 exchanges benefit you or your clients.


Learn more about tax reform and participate in efforts to preserve §1031 like-kind exchanges at http://www.1031taxreform.com



Visit, Participate, and Advocate at www.1031taxreform.com

Did you know that there are currently two legislative proposals and one Administration proposal that call for the repeal of §1031 exchanges as part of comprehensive tax reform? Learn more about the repeal issue and ways to advocate for yourself and your §1031 clients at  http://www.1031taxreform.com .


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The Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA) is the only national trade association organized to represent professionals who conduct like-kind exchanges under Internal Revenue Code §1031. Members include Qualified Intermediaries (QIs), their primary tax and legal counsel, and affiliated industries (TIC sponsors, banks, real estate brokers, title companies, settlement/escrow agents, etc.).



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